Private Canoe & Kayak Coaching

For complete beginners and novices our private coaching offers the most affordable Canoe and Kayak coaching in Hampshire and Dorset.

You’ll get top quality coaching as well as all the Kayaking equipment you need to feel warm and safe on the water. Your coach will action plan your time, ensuring you exceed your expectations and maximize your progression in either canoes or kayaks.

Our staff are fully trained and experienced in ‘Advanced Coaching’ techniques. We work to your strengths, helping you to develop strategies for improving your Canoe and Kayak skills, long after or in-between your coaching sessions.


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Private Coaching

  • Use of all equipment and a great range of boats
  • Expert coaching focused on your ability and personal interests
  • Coaching can cover a wide range of disciplines and aspirations
  • Mid week only
  • Available in Hampshire & Dorset*

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Prices for Canoe or Kayak Coaching in Hampshire & Dorset*

Get your own devoted Canoe or Kayak coach in Hampshire. One to one coaching is the fastest way to improve your Kayaking and enjoy paddling in your own time. Book any combination of full and half days coaching and we will action plan your time to make sure you get the most of any time with us.


Please Note; All prices are for one coach per group and exclude any expenses (i.e. Fuel, accommodation, transport). If you require more days or have more people please contact us for a quote.

*For Dorset private coaching days, add £20 to the price to allow fuel expenses.

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