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Kayak rolling is often considered to be a black art. We offer courses to break down the technique and develop your skill.

Rolling a kayak should be fun thing to learn and there is clear path to follow in order to get a reliable roll as an end product.

Develop your confidence in the boat upside down.

There’re lots to take in as your learn the roll so you want to feel comfortable upside down, holding your breath and staying in your kayak. Take as long as you need to do this as it is certainly a vital part of the process.

Which way is up?

Spend time getting yourself orientated in your kayak. Where is forwards, backwards, up and down. At this stage we encourage people to really explore the range of movement you can have in an upside down boat.

Hips hips hips hips……

What muscles do the job when rolling? Where does the power come from? How do we make it easier, more graceful? Establishing a strong hip flick or hip snap is vital. Use other boats, pool sides and even floats to master this fundamental skill.

What do all kayak rolls have in common?

At this point it’s worth taking time to get some guiding principles with all rolls that build on the hip flick. There are many different rolls but the understanding the theory and similarities makes learning both sides and a variety of rolls much easier.

Paddle practice?

Get the right set up and learn a roll that compliments your body shape and strength. Here, a partner is very useful as they can be a bit more hands on, holding the boat and guiding the paddle. Practice on both sides and keep returning to earlier steps to build back up to the paddle.

Top tips

– Practice in a pool / goggles can be very useful


– Film what’s going on

Enjoy your rolling practice.

For those keen to demystify the art join us at our regular rolling sessions this autumn and winter in a warm and comfortable pool.